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About The Master

Welcome to Elegant Tailor & Cleaners! It is an absolute honor for me to be able to personalize your clothing and make you look the best!

          Tailoring has always been a passion of mine ever since I was sixteen. I felt grateful to have been blessed with such a gift for it and began to pursue my passion by learning from my Uncle, the greatest master tailor I knew back in Vietnam. Soon after, I continued to learn from other great tailors and even started my own company, offering custom suits for men as well as a private fashion designer.

          Coming to America in 1990, I realized it was the “Land of Opportunity” and started to work hard since day one and began working for family tailors and department stores. Most notably at many Men’s Wearhouse stores to gain more experience.

          In 1998, I opened my first tailor shop in America in Orlando, Florida. It was a major milestone for me and I wanted to further expand my tailoring knowledge and talents by working with leathers, gowns, and more difficult garments that only few can do. In the years of owning my first tailor shop, I had the privilege of providing custom suits and alteration services for former Senator Mel Martinez, Senator Bill Nelson, former basketball players Nick Anderson, Darrel Armstrong and more.

          With Elegant Tailor & Cleaners, I look forward to providing my clients the best personalized fit to their garments as well as the best service. Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, where the mindset is to “Dress for Success”, it is my pleasure, Toan Doan, to serve you as your own Master Tailor.


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