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Who We Are

Elegant Tailor & Cleaners is the one of the few locations in downtown Orlando that is privileged enough to provide you with fine tailoring and dry cleaning, alteration year-round, taking each outfit to a new level. You know when you wear your new tailored clothing that you are wearing the finest fabrics the world has to offer.

We specialize in custom suits for men and women, designer clothing, shirts and trousers, alterations, re-cutting, leather repair, custom tuxedos for individuals or large parties business.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime, and have us assist you in becoming "individual".


For men, there is no better feeling than putting on custom suits or clothing that gains the respect and compliments from those all around. We have all been there, having people compliment us on our style, what we're wearing and how it makes us confident.


Toan Doan, Master Tailor of  Elegant Tailor & Cleaners, knows what it takes to maintain this look, feel, quality of product and the craftsmanship that commands the respect of others.


Make the difference in your life, your personality, your individualism, your style; come see what a difference Master Tailor Toan Doan can make for you. Guaranteed.


Toan Doan

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